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Our Vision

We envision a future where interaction is organic and very much alive, all living species are sentient and communication among species is fluid. Through biofeedback we can create a universal language for all living beings, a future where we can learn how to read nature, and nature can read us.

Akyute was founded in Barcelona in 2019 by Natalia Gima (Argentina), Mago Hart (UK / Uruguay) and Miriam Felici (Italy).

We found ourselves involved in developing projects within the same area of research whilst studying a Master’s in Audiovisual Innovation & Interactive Environments at Bau, Centre Universitari de Disseny de Barcelona (2019).

In our practice we use technology as a means to reconnect the human experience with the physical and natural world, integrating nature into the digital age, unifying interaction experience design, audiovisual arts and generative sound.

We identify with a concept of arts that repositions it outside the traditional “pedestal”, making it approachable, interactive and fun. Each co-creative piece is a possible playground for experimentation, valuing the participants’ creativity as a tool for creating a common ground for innovation and positive change.


/ collective empowerment


I. Simbiónic / Bau  / 2019 / BCN

II. Mirrormirror / MUTEK ES / 2019 / BCN

III. Documental Performática Sintiente / 2019 / BCN

IV. Mirror Mirror / Espronceda Gallery / 2019 / BCN

V. Mirror Mirror / Checkpoint Festival / 2019 / BCN

VI. Aural / Bau / 2019 / BCN

VII. The Secret Life of Plants (1966 / 2019) / Sonar + D / 2019 / BCN