11.    Aureóla

Aureóla is an object that uses light as a sculptural element. By exploring the propagation of visible light and its relationship to water, glass, and sound, its design searches for accents and shapes that defy gravity.

The piece takes as a point of reference the natural phenomenon known as halo or antelia, caused by ice particles in suspension in the troposphere that refract light, generating an iridescent ring on its outer circumference around the Moon or the Sun.

The change of direction experienced by the light ray when passing from one medium to another, creates a "magnifying glass" effect, concentrating all the light beams.

Through the combination of transparent glass, water and directed light we can recreate this effect. The possibility of integrating this natural phenomenon into an architectural space creates both light comfort and an expressive intention - generating an "atmospheric" sensation after the sky descends.

 FILE 23764—39/23DBE

Magdalena Hart, 1994
Akyute Collective, 2019
Rain_and_rivers_, 2023


Based in Barcelona, ES