( 2021 )

Creative direction for the interactive installation, performance and scenography showcased at the fashion show Brota presented by the fashion students of la Universidad ORT, Uruguay. I designed the interactive installation, performance and coreography, alongide the scenography, lighting and styling. I also produced the sound for the viewing of the virtual catwalk.

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The scenography was designed alongside friend and talented coworker, Julieta Riverti. She is a landscape designer at Estación Salvaje

Five performers were connected together through capacitive sensors to complete de circuit, creating sound as they move and interact with eachother. 

The interaction system was set up in collaboration with Playtronica cofounder, Andrey Manirko, and with the asistance of Juan Manuel Dominguez.

Simultáneously, conected within the scenography there was a series of interactive led lights, syncronized to the movement of the performers, developed alongside Nicolás dell´Acqua and Nicolás Guala.

I designed both the script and coreography of the performance throughout the previous month, inspired by the concept of flow and transform.

Based on this similar thought, I based the design of the clothing, hair and makeup, later taken forward by the team

Behind the scenes:

Scenes from the audiovisual representation of the performance registered and posedited by Maxi Muniz :