Integrating Nature into the Digital Age

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“De·Formadoras: Prácticas de narración en 3D” is a formative educational project created by Ontologías Femnistas and MIRA Digital with the objective of sharing 3D design tools with women, trans and non binary people with the objective of creative audiovisual narratives.

The course is created through the necessity to generate a motivational space for personal growth and profesionalization in 3D design and animation tecniques from a feminist and queer perspective, in a sector primarily donimated by hegemonic masculinities.

We were invited to participate in the following cycle with our workshop: Integrating Nature into the Digital Age, where we dedicated two intensive workshops towards interactive experience design related towards the natural world and digital culture. We depthen ourselves towards what it means to be hybrid, exploring the limits and possibilities between the intersection of art, science and technology, whilst teaching the following tools along the course: Photogrammetry / Unity / 3D with the objective towards creating a speculative future.

Presented at:
De·Formadoras, 2020, Barcelona, ES
Universidad ORT, 2020, Montevideo, UY
Festival de Arte y Pensamiento, CCE, 2021, Montevideo, UY