15.   Integrating Nature into the Digital Age Workshop

How can we design interactive experiences that stimulate environmental awareness? 

2019: Mira Festival and Ontologias Feministas, Barcelona, ES
2020: Fap-Tek, CCE, Montevideo, UY
2021: School of Machines, Berlin, GER
2021: Contorno Urbano, Hospitalet, ES
2022: Sssuave, Barcelona, ES
2022: ESDI University, Sabadell, ES

In this program we devote three hours towards interactive experiences and alternative narratives linked to the natural world and digital culture.

Together we explore the limits and possibilities between art, science and technology, creating new formats and spaces within the phyigital environment.

We delve into the open source tools and softwares we use while developing our synaesthetic experiences, and we reflect on the design theories and principles of interactive and site-specific installations, sharing our experience as a collective (Akyute) using art as a means for alternative and scientific communication.

This workshop was created through the need to generate a motivational space for personal growth and professionalization in audiovisual experiences focused on integrating nature into the digital age, with the aim of introducing speculative and alternative design proposals in a sector dominated mainly by hegemonic masculinities.

Based on the current state of our climatic and geological weather conditions, the course brings together and inspires ideas, as well as sharing innovative tools and practices so that participants can develop their own speculative proposals to question and rethink our future.

As for practice, we share how to capture the electrons that a plant emits whilst photosynthesising in order to generate sustainable future proposals that rethink our evironmental relationships.

Here new forms and aesthetics emerge that explore other possible approaches to nature, proposing imaginaries that expand the concept of what we understand as natural.

Image by Mira Festival, from the workshop presented in December 2019

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Magdalena Hart, 1994
Akyute Collective, 2019
Rain_and_rivers_, 2023


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