Mirror Mirror

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Mirror Mirror, a co-creative interactive installation designed using C++ programming via Arduino and sound composition softwares such as, Garage band, Reaper and Ableton. This project consists in the development of a MIDI controller using the biodata obtained from each plant as an input to create an electronic musical instrument.

Simultaneously there is a hidden webcam behind the designed interface, capturing the reactions of the public and projecting it before them with time-distortion programmed using Processing.

The aim of this experience is to put evidence the intangible reflection of nature on ourselves and vice versa, something humans are oblivious to in their daily lives.

“Mirror Mirror” evolved from our first functioning prototype working with biofeedback. Initially a wearable moss mask to modulate sound, here we explored our interaction with space, taking into consideration the user experience on a whole, for this a specific interface and set up was designed. 

The project was exhibited at:

Mutek ES, 2019, Barcelona, ES
Checkpoint Warehouse, 2019, Barcelona, ES
Art Lovers Ground, Espronceda Gallery, 2019, Barcelona,
Quinoa Festival, 2019, Madrid, ES

MUTEK ES / Barcelona
2019 Mirror Mirror