01.   Paisaje Sonoro

Paisaje Sonoro ( Soundscape in translation from Spanish to English ) is a performance and site specific installation, an ongoing series initiated in March 2021 at the Performative Arts residency program taken forward at PAR - Uruguay.

2021: PAR Residencia en Artes Performáticas, Montevideo, Uruguay
2022: Selection, 50ta Premios de Artes Visuales de Montevideo, Uruguay

2021: CCD, Punta del Este, UY.
2021: Eyddos, José Ignacio UY.
2021: CCE, Montevideo, UY.
2021: Ars Electrónica + Quo Artis, Universidad de Barcelona.
2021: NTS Radio, Club Romántico, UK.
2021: Neo Festival, Cosmo Caixa, Barcelona, ES.
2021: Máquina Festival, MMMAD + Las Cigarreras, Alicante, ES.
2022: Subte, Montevideo, UY.
2022: MMMAD, HyperHouse, Madrid, ES.
2022: Il.lacions Design Gallery, Barcelona, ES
2022: Mira Festival, Barcelona, ES
2022: Bocca di Bonifacio, Barcelona, ES

Throughout 30 minutes the intra-action (Barad, 2007) between the artist and space/time immersion in technological nature is observed by the audience. The public is guided through the experimentation process whilst the performer generates the live soundscape through the biodata visualization system emitted from the plants temporarily inhabiting the installation.
The installation evokes elemental materials such as light, water, air, earth, and electricity for the creation of the biophilic piece in constant transition and dialogue with its environment. The glass objects are designed to guide the growth of the stem and roots of the plant, incorporating the plants movement as part of the sculpture, creating a piece that evolves over time. By ceasing and perceiving, we reflect upon what it means to be human habiting the natural environment, challenging our perception of non-human intelligence.

02.    Celestial Objects

Celestial Objects is a Live A/V performance commissioned by DJ Mbodj for Sonar Festival.

The narrative built for the generative visuals developed in real-time that are constructed through Mbodj's set, recover the concepts that define our solar system, moving through an ethereal and digital visual-soundscape towards a grounded experience.

2022: Sonar Festival, Resident Advisor, Barcelona, ES
2022: Curtocircuito Festival, Santiago de Compostela, ES

03.    Aural

Aural is an interactive installation and investigation that transmutes light into sound. Inspired by the idea of being able to visualize a participants “aura”, we were drawn towards the impact certain sound frequencies have over our brain waves, modifying our “aura” as such.

Through the phyisical interaction with the luminic sculpture, the participant can design their own soundscape / aura in real-time.

2019: BAU, Barcelona, ES.

04.    Cielo

Cielo (from latín caelum; from caelum tangi: being – touched – hurt from the ray) is an interactive installation that gives sound to the colour spectrum visible in a series of artificially generated sunsets.

The piece was developed in collaboration with Nicolás Dell'Acqua.

2022: Proyecto Audire, Braga, PT

Clouds give shape and form to the skyscape and take on an extraordinary range of colours.  The various nuances of colour are analyzed and translated into sound, in order to create a synaethetic experience, in which two sensations are simultaneously triggered by the same stimulus” (Gage, 1999).

The relation between the colours analyzed and the sound designed were founded upon sensory perception, rather than mathematical structure ( c = f λ ), creating a link between the audio and the visual based on a personal nature of the correlations, inspired by the colour theory established by Albert Munsell in 1905 and the emotional wheel by Robert Plutchik in 1980.

05. Cyclĭcus   

Cyclĭcus is a biodesign sculpture that combines both static/inert and dynamic/live materials to create a piece in constant transition and dialogue.

2021: CCD, Punta del Este, UY

The sculpture transforms itself accompanying the growth of the Salvia-Hispanica seeds. This metamorfosis occurs in relation to the lighting, humidity, oxygen and temperature of the ambient. The velocity of the change is unpredictable although change is a constant factor.

The conditions wait for the growth of the flower, where later the seed will grow again to close and open a new cycle.

 FILE 23764—39/23DBE

Magdalena Hart, 1994
Akyute Collective, 2019
Rain_and_rivers_, 2023


Based in Barcelona, ES