Paisaje Sonoro #6

Live Performance / Alicante

Paisaje Sonoro #6 { Máquina x MMMAD, Las Cigarreras }

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This is the sixth edition of “Paisaje Sonoro” (Soundscape in translation from Spanish to English) presented at Las Cigarreras at Máquina´s festival, comissioned by MMMAD. This system en particular was produced and developed using Arduino, Ableton and Touch Designer.

The piece was developed throughout the month of November 2021 in Barcelona, and later installed at the location.

The public was taken through space/time immersion in technological nature, creating a generative soundscape through the biodata emitted from the floral site-specific installation. By ceasing and perceiving, we reflect upon what it means to be human habiting the natural environment, challenging our perception of non-human intelligence. By defining new relations with complex systems we introduce alternative narratives to question our future.

The glasswork was designed in 3D as part of an exploration towards the shape roots take in certain interfaces. The visuals were developed using Cinema 4D, Processing, AI GAN and Unity, and later imported to Touch Designer in order to make the visuals sound-reactive. The concept behind the graphics was the memory of water.


Live Streaming Performance
2021  Paisaje Sonoro
CCD, Montevideo, Uruguay

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