Documental Performático Sintiente 

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Sintiente is a documented performance, visual and auditory, a space-time where the human being connects with nature from a different perspective. Positioning the human in a place far from superiority towards nature and towards ourselves.

Through digital technology we are able to expand the data collected from the plant when approached, transforming it into sound.

Measurement probes detect variations in conductivity and relay this information to our MIDI controller. Each variation corresponds to a unique signal that when received by the controller translates to a MIDI note. As a result, the stream of messages from the plant becomes sonified. The following projects have been calibrated this way based on the designed environment, but contact is not actually necessary to obtain the same result, the mere presence of the user within a given area is enough to simulate it.

By using the natural world to create a narrative, we invite the users to personally to set their ego’s aside and realize that their bodies are just as much as part of this ecosystem as these plants are, appropiating the use of technology as a tool to requestion our future.

Our installation work is a form of sonifying data, in hope of cultivating awareness connected to plant intelligence. We hope that our research and demonstration will contribute towards a broader understanding of how nature responds to electromagnetic fields. The concept of plant neurobiology is a concept that could modify the way in which we interact with the natural world.

Considering socio-political issues such as global warming created by the economic activities of the humans, we feel it is more important than ever to pay attention to nature.

Live Documentary / Barcelona
2019  Documental Performático Sintiente
TKM ROOM { LOOP Festival }

“The human species is not as relevant as we believe we are. And the earth really doesn´t give a damn about our existence. Nor do these plants. So do set your ego aside, so we can live in symbioses with our environment.”

This audiovisual piece was the third evolution from our initial wearable prototype using biofeedback. Developed using C++ programming via Arduino and the sound composition software, Reaper. This project consists in the development of a MIDI controller using the biodata obtained from each plant as an input to create an electronic musical instrument. In this particular instance, we placed more focus into our sound design, using sampling as a tecnique for the live performance.

This project was exhibited at:
TKM ROOM as part of Loop Festival, 2019, Barcelona, ES


Direction: Josefina Alagia

Camara: Fabo Rojas

Interactive Installation: Akyute

Art Direction: Emiliana Alagia

Asistence in Art Direction: María Jose

Sound Design: Mago Hart

Recordist: Titi Bordenave

Productión: Josefina Ois

Model: Valentina Golpe


 FILE 23764—39/23DBE

Magdalena Hart, 1994
Akyute Collective, 2019
Rain_and_rivers_, 2023


Based in Barcelona, ES