In Conversation with Mago Hart & Miriam Felici of Akyute Collective



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ThreebySix is a collection of conversations, held during the quarantine caused by the corona crisis, exploring the idea and our relation to space in a time of social distancing.

Episode 5: In Conversation with Mago Hart & Miriam Felici of Akyute Collective

A project by Eva Dumoulin
For the System Design Class at HGB Leipzig

Music by Julie Högner

English spoken

@ewadumoulin @threebysixpodcast
Audiovisual Installation: Kuchling Galerie / Berlin
2020 Phase Space

This podcast was recorded during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, where alongside Akyute co-member, Miriam Felici, we shared our thoughts and experiences as a collective during this transition.

As an interactive experience collective focused on integrating nature into the digital age, through developing physical, co-creative and interconnected experiences with the surrounding environment, we found ourselves nudged into the virtual realm to take forward our daily lives.

Our work process and concept on a whole had been shifted upside down during this period (and still is), as we found the foundation of our practice to have become somewhat invasive and essentially a potential safety hazard.

In order to adapt to the given circumstances and in search of introducing new narratives into the digital realm whilst speculating a future where we can read nature and nature can read us, we began to explore Open Source softwares such as Unity.

As we were introduced to online experiences and virtual realities, we were soon to realise that this immersion had nothing natural about it as we were lacking the biophilic characteristic of our practice on a whole.

By virtualizing the natural world we were distancing ourselves from our initial aim to connect with our environment and research the physicality of what plant intelligence actually means.

This is still something we are speculating upon until today (now third wave of Covid-19), this podcast was just the introduction!