18.  Unveiling the Hidden Aspects of Resource Extraction and Possible Pathways for Sustainable Resource Utilization. 

The commodity culture embraced by the global north, which others aspire to emulate, is underpinned by unsustainable resource extraction, primarily from distant locations in the global South. Our consumer patterns and the the convenient availability of these goods conceal the underlying environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity, and inherent inequities, impacts that are far removed from producers and consumers, rendering these impacts out of immediate view—our residency project endeavors to illuminate these impacts through information, science communication, and art.

2023: Humboldt Residency Programme, Berlin, GER

This is an investigation in progress iniciated within the Humboldt Residency Programme 2023: Our Precious Resources. 

You can read here the artistic process so far of the ongoing project.

 FILE 23764—39/23DBE

Magdalena Hart, 1994
Akyute Collective, 2019
Rain_and_rivers_, 2023


Based in Barcelona, ES